About me

Jiaranai, the founder of Baan Aroka has three driving passions- nature, people, and yoga. They all converge at Baan Aroka.

She found happiness and peace after completing her yoga teacher training in India in 2011. She went into the program tired and unhappy but her heart was still loving and forgiving. The training changed her life. Dissolving her misery, she emerged renewed and joyous.

Yoga brought her home to herself. It completed her.

Since then, Jiranai teaches yoga in nature and shares the yogic lifestyle at Baan Aroka to help people slow down, to just be. The ever vigilant hostess, she helps guests to live simply and connect with nature and themselves. No stress, no worries.

Yoga holidays and retreats at Baan Aroka are designed to enhance your wellbeing in a holistic way. We bring together a wholesome package for the body, mind and soul for beginners and intermediate students alike.

Use the power of yoga to align body, mind and soul and come home to yourself.

Jiranai hopes to welcome you to Baan Aroka and share its treasures with you soon! As she often says, “Sam Roi Yot has everything for a peaceful life- the ocean, mountains and the trees.” And now, it also has Yoga, the only thing missing is you!

“We are our own best doctors, and the first step is to feel and to connect with ourselves”

Jiaranai Aroka
Tel +66 0 86 905 4026

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