Living it, Loving it, Naturally...
Located on the beach in the natural and peaceful surroundings of Sam Roi Yot.

Baan Aroka is perfect for those who appreciate comforts while keeping life simple. Surrounded by beauty, this is a place free of worries...a place to just be.We are an understated, relaxing beach resort with modern amenities near Sam Roi Yot National Park. Our boutique villa is intimate and warm. Surrounded by mango trees, a vegetable garden and a swimming pool staring at the expansive beach at Sam Roi Yot, your stay is bound to be memorable.

Sam Roi Yot - Only three hours away from bustling Bangkok is the tranquil paradise of Sam Roi Yot National Park. A getaway from the hustle of daily life and the crowds at Hua Hin, this place is like no other on the Gulf of Thailand. A secret paradise for the discerning traveler, Sam Roi Yot remains untouched by large hoardes of tourists and retains its quiet local charm. Explorers can swim in the bay, play on the beaches, hike into the caves, pick up a kayak or bike around town and catch local festivals. Immerse yourself, the possibilities are endless and the landscape stunning! There are a good number of restaurants close by, more than four mini supermarkets near by and a free 9 hole golf course 300 meters away. Come meet our friendly residents, explore our endless beaches, towering limestone peaks and caves, surrounded by mango and coconut farms and fishing villages. There's even a royal pavilion in a cave at the famous Phraya Nakhon.